Twitter users in Pakistan [Part-II]

This blog post is continuation of Part-I. The sample data is increased to 150K Pakistani tweeps now.


Follower count is no longer a good influence measure. On average each Pakistani tweep gets followed by 129 users. Majority of Pakistanis (about 3/4th) have less than 50 followers. Half of Pakistani twitter users have less than 10 followers. There are about 10,000 tweeps with no follower and about 12,000 tweeps with single follower. This is a very strange trend. If you look deeply into these accounts, you’ll notice that most of them are with default DP and default background. It seems like these are fake accounts, created by social media cells of different political parties to increase follower count of their leaders on twitter.

On the other side, there are just 24 Pakistani’s with more than 50,000 followers. Most of them are politicians and TV anchors. Just 2331 tweeps have more than 1000 followers.

Followers of Pakistani twitter users


Klout is more reliable social media influence measure. Out of 150,000 Pakistani tweeps about 40,000 do not have any klout score. About 70,000 have their klout between 11-20. Average klout score is 16.72. About 12,000 have the minimum possible score 10.

Only 22 users have scored above 70 score.

Klout of Pakistani twitter users

Here is the list of most influential Pakistanis (klout: 70+)

Note: This score may have changed when you’re reading this article.