What’s wrong with MCB Lite card design?

MCB Lite

Note: I am not a UI/UX expert. I am just sharing my feelings about this design as a consumer and my little bit experience with design.

MCB Bank (One of Pakistan’s largest banks) recently introduced its branchless banking product “MCB Lite”. Somehow, as a consumer, I am not satisfied with the design of the card and I am going to share my thoughts about the card design.

The designer tried to give a feel of a smart phone to the card but somehow missed some very basic design principles. Smart phones, especially iPhone, have set very high standards of design and if someone is trying to design something which looks like a smart phone, they’d have to be extra careful. I don’t want to sound harsh but it looks like the card was designed by someone new to design. Printing quality is even worse.

MCB Lite

I tried to find out what’s wrong with the design and here are my findings:

And the list goes on….

MCB, I am disappointed by the quality of design (and printing) from a bank like you.